In-House Repairs

If on-site repairs are not possible, we also offer a suitable solution: our in-house repair service.

At our location in Unterm├╝nkheim-Kupfer we are ideally equipped to carry out repairs to your fans or compressors sustainably, efficiently and quickly – with the usual Serafima quality, of course. In order to relieve you of logistical workload, we can organize the collection and transfer of your machine upon request.

With our competent repair specialists, your machines and components are in the best of hands.

Our performance:

  • Error diagnosis, damage assessment and functional testing
  • Dye penetrant test (PT) and magnetic particle test (MP) on delivered impellers and housings
  • Reconditioning of components such as impellers, bearings, shafts and other components
  • Balancing of impellers
  • Repair and troubleshooting: Installation of spare parts in OEM quality
  • Test run with all quality-relevant tests
  • General overhaul
Contract balancing

In rotating components, imbalance is a ubiquitous physical phenomenon. Especially with fans and compressors, dirt deposits, slight damage and wear and tear during operation lead to increasing imbalances. Sooner or later this leads to damage to machines, foundations and buildings. It is important to counteract this phenomenon.

Our specialists also offer you a suitable alternative to field balancing. Delivered impellers and rotors are reconditioned and balanced by our specialists. We carry out balancing according to ISO 1940 during rotation, dynamically in two planes and statically in one plane.

Talk to us, we will solve your imbalance problem!

Non-destructive testing

Non-destructive materials testing (NDT) examines workpieces and components without changing or damaging their function and integrity. One of the most common methods here are the dye penetrant test (FE test) or the magnetic particle test (MP test).

The Serafima competence team uses the FE or MP test to determine defects on the surfaces of metallic and other non-porous materials. Faults in components such as impellers or housings can thus be detected and corrected in good time, thus avoiding serious damage.

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