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Who does not know that? When machines don’t run properly, even the smallest component can quickly become a major problem. It is precisely at such moments that the service technician often becomes a helper in an emergency or a last-minute rescuer.

That is also our promise to you: No matter when, no matter where: Our Serafima team is there for you to get your system up and running again.

Whether routine inspection, preventive maintenance or short-term troubleshooting – benefit from our know-how and use the wealth of experience of our technicians:

We support you in all matters relating to your fans and compressors, identify problems early on and maintain the functionality of your system.

Our customer-oriented field service is tailored to your individual needs.

For you this means: 

  • Everything from a single source:
    You save time and have your head free for the essential things in your value chain – while we take care of your fans and compressors.
  • Regardless of the manufacturer:
    you don’t need any other service providers Just like our range of spare parts, our service is manufacturer-independent.
  • First-class support:
    Your inquiries and requests are always in the best of hands with our service managers.
Installation and commissioning

On request, we will support and accompany you during the assembly, installation and commissioning of your fans and compressors. Our experienced technicians are at your side as supervisors for a smooth and professional installation. After completion of the assembly and electrical installation, the electrical, mechanical and procedural commissioning is carried out by our service technicians on site. In this way, together we ensure that your systems are handed over to your production process in the best possible condition.

Laser optical shaft alignment

In order to guarantee a long service life of rotating machines, they must be optimally aligned both vertically and horizontally. If this is not the case, rotating components such as clutches, bearings, shaft seals and other machine components are subject to increased wear over time. Unnatural tensions arise in the drive train. Badly aligned shaft or belt drives are therefore often the reason for machine damage and system failures.

It doesn’t have to be. Our well-trained service technicians are at your disposal to prevent exactly that. You align your drive train with laser-optical alignment devices so that your system can operate in an optimal condition.

Another positive effect is the saving of energy which would otherwise be lost due to increased friction.

Advantages of precise shaft alignment:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Longer service life of all machine components
  • Increased running smoothness with reduced vibrations
  • Falling energy consumption
  • Lower temperatures at bearings, coupling and lubrication
  • Reduced wear
  • Lower maintenance costs
Field balancing

In rotating components, imbalance is a ubiquitous physical phenomenon. Especially with fans and compressors, dirt deposits, slight damage and wear and tear during operation lead to increasing imbalances. Sooner or later this leads to damage to machines, foundations and buildings. It is important to counteract this phenomenon.

If the unbalance increases, field balancing is an efficient measure to significantly reduce the vibrations on your machine.

Many rotors can – depending on their condition – be balanced directly in the machine without dismantling. This increases the smoothness of your machines in the long term and at the same time extends their service life and service life.

All of our technicians are equipped with a mobile vibration measuring device in order to restore your machines to the desired smoothness and thus to serve your economic needs for a long time.

Maintenance and service agreements

Secure your system availability in the long term – and thus maintain your production quality at predictable costs. The Serafima service agreements for maintenance and repair services are tailored precisely to your needs after individual advice from the service partner. For you, this means: full service – everything from a single source.

  • Optimal machine condition:
    By regularly servicing your system, you can produce reliably and prevent unexpected machine failures.
  • Longest service life:
    Regular maintenance ensures greater operational safety and a longer service life for your system.
  • Maximum cost transparency:
    Thanks to our fixed service flat rates, your expenses can be planned in the long term.

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